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Exhibition Venues in Jakarta

As Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta does not only serve as the center of  government  of this nation but  also plays a most vital role in the country’s commerce, business and  the entertainment industry. The metropolitan city itself is a showcase that reflects the diverse dynamic activities of Indonesia, and is a magnet drawing different peoples, industries, and cultures in a massive interaction through exhibitions, cultural shows, fashion and music.

Over the years the city has hosted numerous important national and international exhibitions. The city has also become the venue for some of the world’s greatest arts and musical performances and continues to attract more and more international celebrities to meet their never ending enthusiastic fans in Indonesia.

Here are some of the renowned venues in Jakarta fit for large-scale world class exhibitions and shows:

Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex

Located right in the heart of metropolitan Jakarta by the broad Sudirman avenue is the Senayan Sports Complex, recently renamedBung Karno Sports Complex, or Gelanggang Olah Raga Bung Karnoin Bahasa Indonesia.  This a comprehensive complex for international sports competitions, from football, badminton, swimming to golf. Here is also the Jakarta International Convention Center complete with adjacent supporting hotels and Indonesia’s National Television station, TVRI.  Built for the 1962 Asian Games by President Sukarno  the complex is both a historical memento, and a national pride. Not only is this complex an arena for athletes, it has also become a renowned venue for entertainment, exhibitions and conventions. High profile exhibitions and some of the legendary musical performances have taken place in this complex as it provides massive capacity and all the facilities needed to stage such events.

Right at the heart of the complex, is the iconic Main Stadium with the total tribune capacity for 80,000 persons.  Aside from the main stadium, the Indoor /Outdoor Tennis Stadium and the ISTORA or Indoor Sports Stadium are frequent venues for many international performances. The ISTORA can accommodate up to 9,500, while 3,500 tribune seats and 5,000 tribune seats fill the capacity of the Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Stadium separately.  Among some of the international music performances staged here were Deep Purple, Mick Jagger, Linkin Park, Big Wave Festival,Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival, JakJazz Festival, Incubus, Maroon 5, N.E.R.D., Ne-Yo, Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon, Bruno Mars, Helloween, SUM41, Megadeth, and Avril Lavigne.

Contact Address:
Kantor Pusat Pengelolaan Komplek Gelora Bung Karno
(Bung Karno Sport Center Head Office)
– Address: Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta 10270
– Telephone: +62 21 5734070
– Facsimile: +62 21 5701862
Website: http://www.gelorabungkarno.co.id/

Jakarta Convention Center

Located in the heart of Jakarta at Senayan within the Central Business District, JCC  is situated across  Jakarta’s Stock Exchange.  The Jakarta Convention Center has a large round Plenary Hall that can accommodate 5,000 people, large exhibition halls that together cover over 11,000 square meters, Assembly halls that can cater to 3,500 guests for receptions or for theatre style conferences, and rooms for smaller meetings and breakout sessions.

Detailed information are available at: Jakarta Convention Center

Jakarta International Exhibition Center

Located on Jakarta’s former Kemayoran airport, the Jakarta International Exhibition Center is the largest exhibition center in Indonesia.
It has 5 large Exhibition Halls ranging from 1,500 sq meters to 8,294 sq meters.  The largest of wich is Exhibition Hall A 1,2,3 that can seat an audience of up to 12,000 people theatre style.  In additiona, this Exhibition Center has 5 smaller function rooms that can also be used for meetings, with the largest able to accommodate 1,000 people for receptions, or 500 for break out-sessions.

The Jakarta International Exhibition Center is the venue for the annual Jakarta Fair held every July, which was relocated here from its long-time location at the Merdeka Square. It is also the venue for Indonesia’s annual Trade and Development Fair.

Contact address:
Arena PRJ Kemayoran
Jakarta 10620
Tel.: +6221 26645000/131, or +6221 2664555 (Marketing)
Fax: +6221 65700010
Email: marketing@jiexpo.com
Website: www.jiexpo.com 

Sentul International Convention Center

This is a new Convention Center located out-of-town at the Sentul suburb by the Sentul International Motor Racing Course. The Sentul International Convention Center is the focus of a 6.4 hectares plot located at Km.33 on the Jagorawi toll road towards Bogor, where on this property hotels will be built.

The large auditorium has a large stage complete with lighting and sound system and plush seating for an audience of 10,500, ideal for cultural performances, musicals and concerts. There are two exhibition areas to the right and the left offering 915 sq.meters and 692 sq. meters respectively that can also function for dinners and receptions.

The Center also offers four large halls with a capacity to seat 400 each theatre style.

Contact Address:
Sentul International Convention Center
Jalan Sudirman
Kecamatan Babakan Madang
Sentul Selatan Kabupaten Bogor
Tel.: +6221 87950615
Fax: +6221 87950671
Email: sicc_marketing@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.sicc-ina.com/

Aula Simfonia Jakarta

Aula Simfonia Jakarta, officially opened in 2009, was built as an answer to this big city’s need of a ‘proper’ concert hall, as well as to fulfill the cultural mandate given by God. As the first, and currently the only concert hall in Indonesia, Aula Simfonia Jakarta accommodates 1,200 seats and offers a world-class acoustic experience. Both local and international musicians have performed in this hall, and Aula Simfonia Jakarta welcomes more good quality music performances in the future.

Contact Address:
Jl. Industri Raya Blok B14 No.1Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10720
Telephone: (021) 6586 7808
Fax : (021) 6586 78 20
Email: info@aulasimfoniajakarta.com
Website: http://www.aulasimfoniajakarta.com/

Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center

This complex acquired its name from the great Indonesian musician, Ismail Marzuki, whose statue guards the entrance gate. It hosts the Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute for the Arts) and Jakarta Planetarium. The arts institute is the only one of its kind in Indonesia and the first local college entirely dedicated to the training of performing and visual arts.

For exhibition and performance venue, the Teater Besar /Teater Jakarta or the big theater in Taman Ismail Marzuki, with balconies inside, can seat up to 1,240 persons.  This is almost three times larger than Gedung Kesenian Jakarta — considered as the best venue for theater performances before Teater Besar came along — which can only seat 500. For performers, there are 10 dressing rooms, each equipped with toilets and a wardrobe, and a makeup station spacious enough for 14 people. The theater is also equipped with a fly tower that comes in the same height as the stage and enables the crew to change the backdrop vertically.

Contact Address:
Tel :  +62 21 3154087, +62 21 31937325, +62  21 31934740, +62 21 31922606
Fax:  +62 21 31934720
Website: http://www.tamanismailmarzuki.com/

Balai Kartini Exhibition and Convention Center

Balai Kartini presents a concept that mixes modern style with a strong Indonesian identity.  The function and convention rooms are designed to accommodate a variety of activities such as conventions, symposiums, musical concerts and many others.  Its main exhibition hall, the Kartika Expo Center has a total area of 3.584 square meters and can accommodate up to 3,300 persons. The Kartika Expo Center comes with a 160 square meters warehouse, observation floor, 4 committee offices, an elegant reception lobby and a comfortable basement parking lot.

Contact Address:
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.37, Jakarta 12950
Phone: +62 21 5213653
Fax: +62 21 5250435
Email: info@balaikartini.com
Website: www.balaikartini.com

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta’s Art Center)

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ) was built during the Colonial era in 1884, in response to the request of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, British Governor General of Java at the time, who wished for entertainment facilities for the British troops. As an art center, GKJ has a stage of 24 x 17.5 meters and can accommodate up to 500 persons. This building is frequently used for various art performances both traditional and modern. Recently appearing here in September 2011 was Indonesian-born Wibi Soerjadi, acclaimed international pianist, best known for his sensitive renditions of the complicated works of composer Franz Liszt.

Contact Address:
Jl. Gedung Kesenian No.1 Jakarta 10710-Indonesia
Phone: +62 213808283-3441892
Fax:  +62 21 381092
Email: info@gedungkesenianjakarta.co.id
Website: http://gedungkesenianjakarta.co.id

Mata Elang International Stadium in Carnaval Beach, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta

Located within Indonesia’s largest recreation park, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol’s Carnaval Beach  is a perfect spot for family vacation on regular days and weekend. Its large open area makes this a perfect place to host various outdoor musical concerts and other shows. The popular heavy metal band Iron Maiden has successfully performed here to a most enthusiastic crowd. Carnaval Beach can accommodate up to 6000 persons and has available various facilities such as footstalls, toilets, and others.

Located within the vicinity of Carnaval Beach, stands a 58,000sqm lifestyle center designed to entice urban families and young people of Jakarta called the Ancol Beach City. In addition to the Lifestyle Center, Ancol Beach City also features the largest Indoor Stadium in South East Asia, Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) with the capacity up to 20,000 people. The splendid performance of Roxette concert in early March 2012 marked the opening of the stadium.

Contact Address:
Jalan Lodan Raya, Pademangan 14430
Phone : +62 21 645 3456, 645 4567
Fax : +62 21 647 10502
Email : ancol@ancol.com
Website: http://www.ancol.com/ and http://www.ancolbeachcity.co.id/

Salihara Complex

KOMUNITAS SALIHARA stands on a land of aproximately 3,060 square meters on Jalan Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. It stands as a cultural enclave and also performances venue that consists of Teater Salihara, Galeri Salihara, Cafe, Artstore, Lounge, office building and a guesthouse. TEATER SALIHARA can accommodate up to 252 people, and known as the first black box theater building in Indonesia. Built with sound-proof walls, the theater is complete with dressing rooms and all the modern stage, sound, and lighting equipments. The rooftop of Teater Salihara building is also designed to serve as an open-air theater. GALERI SALIHARA, unlike other gallery structures in general, takes the form of a cylinder whose circumference is shaped rather like an oval. An empty space with circular walls, without angles, without borders, will provide a wider perspective for the viewers. A cozy food court with an open view is situated below the gallery, offering miscellaneous food and drink.

Contact Address:
Jl.Salihara No.16  Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12520
Telephone : +62 21 789 1202
Faximile : +62 21 781 8849 , +62 21 780 5180
Website: http://salihara.org/