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Jakarta Attractions

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature)
Jalan TMI Pintu 1, Jakarta
Situated on 120 hectares of land in the east of Jakarta, this unique complex offers visitors with limited time and the opportunity to see all of Indonesia’s 27 provinces in an afternoon! The complex features life-sized replicas of traditional architecture from each province, a miniature version of the Indonesian archipelago, a series of museums and a number of well-maintained parks and gardens. The park’s centerpiece is a beautiful artificial lake.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Jaya Ancol Dreamland)
Jalan Laksamana R. Martadinata, Jakarta
This colossal recreational resort faces the enchanting Jakarta Bay. Its prime attraction, the Fantasyland amusement park, keeps children of all ages entertained the entire day. Art buffs and tourists in search of souvenirs should visit Pasar Seni art and handicraft market. Others might like to check out Sea World (an oceanarium) for an educational tour on marine life or Ancol Water Park for yet more fun. The Ancol Marina operates as the gateway to the neighboring Thousand Islands .

Ancol Marina
The gateway to Jakarta Bay’s Thousand Islands, Ancol Marina is more than just a pier from which ferries depart. It is a recreational, historic and scenic location that offers a cafe, dockyard and marine sports center. Large groups have the option of chartering a boat for the purpose of fishing, diving or exploring the Thousand Islands, Ancol Beach or Jakarta Bay. Cost: Ferry ride around the area or to the Thousand Islands costs about IDR25,000 per person. Chartering a boat for the day costs IDR1,000,000-IDR2,500,000, depending on the vessel’s size.

Sunda Kelapa
Near Pasar Ikan, ten minutes walk north of city centre.
The picturesque old harbor of Jakarta was built in the early 17th century (reconstructed and expanded in 1817) and today still serves as the port of call for perahu pinisi (sailing cargo vessels). Navigated primarily by Bugis and Makassarese traders, these charming and colorful vessels form one of the world’s few major commercial sailing fleets, transporting raw materials from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Visitors will marvel at the amazing strength of the sailors and workers who load and unload goods manually without the help of any equipment. A conversation with them sometimes earns an invitation aboard.

Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands)
Dotted throughout Jakarta Bay are 120 tropical islands and coral atolls known, rather misleadingly, as the Thousand Islands. With a total population of only 13,000 people, the bay contains a sprinkling of virgin islands, although the majority are inhabited. Many are privately owned. Popular islands to visit include Bidadari , Onrust, Kelor , Kahyangan , Putri and Ayer. Ancol Marina (where further information on travel arrangements can be found), provides the departure point to this cluster of individual paradises.

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